Copper Worktops & Countertops

Copper worktops provide a warm, chromatic look to any room, creating a stylish and appealing charm throughout the entire establishment. A variety of finishes give this metal a versatile edge that will fit in with any decor or atmosphere.

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We make copper countertops like no other. The sister company of Customised Sheet Metal, we have decades of experience in this industry, taking the time to hone our skills and perfect our craftsmanship. In addition to copper, we work with a diverse selection of materials including brass, zinc and pewter. If you’re looking for decadent, luxurious copper countertops for your kitchen, bar or business you have come to the right place. 


We work with all types of metals including copper, using a variety of expert fabrication techniques to create pieces that have featured everywhere from Hollywood sets to high-end hospitality venues. We also love creating pieces for our customers’ beautiful houses, including modern bachelor pads and rustic residences. 


When you choose to work with Volund, you can relax as our team will look after everything down to the tiniest detail. We will guide you through the process using our extensive skills and experience to create amazing pieces which will exceed your expectations every time. 


Volund and copper


Our expert team has been creating incredible pieces for nearly 30 years. Copper is one of our favourite materials to work with as it’s so versatile and easy to manipulate into a whole host of sizes and shapes. It is a great option for counter tops and work tops, and we have designed and manufactured a whole range of products including wine racks, stemware racks and vanity units.


To put it simply, we’re one of the best at making copper sheet bar tops in the UK.


How to get started on your next copper countertop project


We pride ourselves on our high level of customer service – we want the experience to be as smooth as possible for our clients. Once you have made the first contact with us, we will assign you a dedicated account manager who will take the time to discuss with you in detail your expectations, requirements and budget. We will also visit your site to measure and template the space to ensure the final piece will fit perfectly. 


They will then feedback to our expert design team who will be able to give further advice, creating the design ready to be approved by you. Your account manager will be your point of contact throughout the entire process, will be able to update you on the progress of your project and will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way. 


Quality is paramount 


We have decades worth of experience in the sheet metal industry. We meticulously design and manufacture stunning bespoke copper kitchen and bar countertops to incredibly high standards. Our number one priority is to produce incredible pieces, helping our clients’ visions come to life.


Each and every product is important to us, and we take time to discuss at length the client’s needs and requirements. This enables us to create beautiful pieces that our clients love that last a lifetime. We continually invest in our team and their skills and are proud to have the specialist UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations. 


Your choice of copper finishes


This kind of metal can be finished in a number of ways depending on the look you want for your copper sheet worktop. Whether you’re looking for an aged copper countertop to complement your country home or a sleek, shiny look for a modern venue, just speak to us and we can help your dream come alive. 



A popular choice for copper countertops, over time the metal will oxidise and change colour to a variety of reds, browns and greens giving it a unique look. 



Patina is the natural process by which metal oxidises and changes colour over time when exposed to the elements. This look can be professionally mimicked by coating the metal in a special solution which speeds up the process. Patina copper countertops are perfect for those looking to complement a rustic style venue.  


Why a copper counter top? 


If you’re thinking about investing in copper worktops for your kitchen, venue or business, you will be wanting to know more about this amazing, versatile metal. Read on to find out why the expert team at Volund love working with copper and why you should love it too.



One of the many things that make copper so appealing to work with is the fact that it’s good for the planet. A naturally occurring metal, it doesn’t require a long manufacturing process to create it. It’s also completely recyclable, which makes it a top choice for those looking for sustainable materials for their projects. 


Unique appearance

Copper is what we call a living surface, meaning its appearance will gradually change over time. When unsealed, copper surfaces will oxidise and turn beautiful colours of rust red, brown and green making each piece beautifully unique. 



Copper  is an antimicrobial metal that destroys microorganisms and bacteria. It also has biostatic qualities which can help prevent the transfer of disease, making it a great choice for many settings.


More about copper


One of the first metals to be used by humankind, copper has been used by us to make everything from tools to decorative pieces for more than 8000 years. An incredibly malleable metal, it can be manufactured in a variety of forms but sheet metal is the most popular. 


It has a unique, eye-catching appearance and turns a variety of different hues as it oxidises. One of its other benefits is its ability to conduct heat and electricity, making it a popular material in electronics. 

Let us help you create stunning, timeless pieces for your venue. Contact the Volund team to get started on your next custom copper countertops.