Counter Tops

Volund’s exuberant and sumptuous worktops are the perfect way to make your bar or restaurant stand out from the crowd.

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Designed specifically to your requirements, we offer a range of countertop finishes using a variety of materials, including zinc, pewter, brass, copper, stainless steel, and bronze.

From our initial consultation all the way through to design and manufacture, we’ll work with you to create a high-end bespoke countertop that’s faultless, flawless, and perfect for what you need.


Our Services 


Our team of experts has almost three decades worth of experience in creating custom, made-to-measure countertops. We have a wealth of skills and expertise, enabling us to create exquisite products including bespoke worktops, bar tops and countertops.


Different types of countertops

Our experience both in metal fabrication techniques and working with a vast selection of metals means that we are able to create made to order countertops to fit in with any setting. These include rustic cafe countertops, sleek worktops for high-end hospitality venues and everything in between. 


A variety of metals

We will work with you throughout the whole process to ensure we make your vision come to life. This includes getting even the tiniest details right, choosing from a selection of metals including pewter, copper, brass, steel and zinc, and any finishes that you want for your piece.


You’ve decided you’d like to work with us: what happens next?


We are delighted you’ve chosen Volund for your next bespoke worktop project. Once you have made the initial contact with us, we will assign you a dedicated Account Manager. They will be your point of contact throughout the whole process, keeping you up to date on the progress and will be available to answer any questions you may have along the way. They’ll discuss your requirements with you and liaise with the design team to make sure your vision comes to life.


Quality work that stands the test of time

You know what they say – buy cheap, buy twice. Investing in quality work means that you will have a piece that will look beautiful and last a lifetime. At Volund, we are committed to perfecting every aspect of our work, from the design, through to the manufacturing process and the installation. 


A countertop is the focus of the room, so why not make it a stunning focal point? We pride ourselves on creating these beautiful pieces that set the tone of a venue and that draws the eye in.


At Volund, we know we are only as good as our team, which is why we are committed to ensuring they have opportunities for training and for furthering their skills. We are proud to have the specialist UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations. 


Our commercial countertops

We have designed countertops for every type of venue that you can imagine, from high end, sleek restaurants to coffee shops and cafe countertops. We have even had our projects featured in Hollywood films.


Our domestic countertops 

We also love working on residential projects to help our clients accentuate the features of their homes with stunning metal kitchen countertops, including modern new homes and rustic houses. 


Your choice of metals for your next custom kitchen countertop project



Pewter is actually an alloy that is made mostly of tin and is one of our experts’ favourite metals to work with as it is so versatile and durable. It’s also very malleable and so can be bent and moulded into eye-catching shapes and designs.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an ideal choice for all sorts of countertops and can be found in many hospitality venues across the world. It’s corrosion-resistant, strong, durable and easy to clean. 



Zinc is another metal that’s perfect for those looking for sustainable materials, as it can be infinitely recycled.



Brass is a beautiful metal with a distinctive golden colour, an alloy of copper and zinc. It is a fantastic choice for those wanting a countertop to match a rustic, decorative environment and enhance the atmosphere. 



Copper is a popular choice for many types of metal projects. Being eye-catching in colour, it makes a great material for all types of worktops. 


Why choose Volund for your next countertop project


Working with Volund means that you’ll receive an end project that will perfectly align with your vision. We care about our clients and will endeavour to keep an open line of communication, ensuring that you are kept up to date with the project and are thrilled with the end result. Our design and manufacturing teams are experts in their fields and with a variety of exquisite finishes and stunning materials to choose from, why go anywhere else? 

Let us help you create stunning, timeless pieces for your venue. Contact the Volund team to get started on your next countertop project.