Pewter Bar Tops

Anyone who owns a bar knows that the central hub and beating heart of the establishment is where the drinks are poured. Our pewter bar tops, one of our classics, are made to spec and offer a malleable, yet sleek, solution to your bar.

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Success comes from an efficient service with bar staff who are quick on their feet, attentive and familiar with the setup of your product placement. What separates staff and consumers is the bar top. This is the place where money is exchanged and drinks are served. It is the first thing a customer sees when approaching the bar and first impressions are everything. You want your bar top to look sleek, but it must be resilient and able to serve its purpose. 


A bar top must be able to take the load of glasses being placed down on it and any spillages that occur over time, capable of eroding the surface if the wrong material is chosen. Our team offers pewter metal bar tops, which are amongst the most popular in the industry and do not go out of fashion.

Our Services

The team at Volund believe that you do not need to sacrifice the aesthetic side of a product to fulfil practical purposes. Our bar tops are designed carefully, using materials of the highest quality, to create unique designs.


Having provided service to many high class clients, such as the pewter bar top we installed at the Sky Garden in London, we are respected within our industry and we come with a guarantee of best in class service. This means being able to meet specific demands from a design perspective, as many establishments seek to provide their own original theme that aims for a certain atmosphere and customer. 


Being able to cater to specification and offer a customisable service is what sets us apart from many companies who may offer “off the shelf” products that would not fit the desired aesthetic for our clients. Our pewter bar tops provide that classic look with malleable structure that has made pewter such a popular choice, only we are able to take our designs a step further and raise the quality of the final product.

Why Choose Our Pewter Bar Tops?

Pewter bar tops have always been a popular choice for those in the hospitality industry. They have a polished aesthetic and are durable, meaning they can withstand the effects of years of drink spillage and friction erosion. They are easy to clean, very manageable and can be designed to meet most shapes and sizes. 


We are experienced in delivering pewter bar tops as a product and are very familiar with the material which allows us to create our desired designs for our clients. All the while we are ensuring the structure is fit for purpose and providing an adequate surface to function as a place to serve, often very corrosive, alcoholic drinks. 


All of the metals we have on offer have their own qualities, such as our zinc bar tops that have antibacterial properties ideal for busy venues, but when it comes to achieving a classic look that has been forever popular, and a long lasting life span, pewter offers this in abundance and comes with the highest guarantee of a working quality product.

Made To Design

If you decide to order from us, we guarantee a product that delivers on the personal touches you desire in both aesthetics and function. We are experts in delivering unique bar tops to every type of establishment that requires one, in keeping with the theme and atmosphere of the building. We thrive on the challenge of creating new products of the original design as it pushes the limits of our creativity, enabling us to develop a portfolio of designs we can take inspiration from when consulting with a potential client.


If you are a bar owner looking for an upgrade on your bar top or are starting from scratch, we will cater to your needs and provide a product that serves both a practical purpose and something you can be proud to have on display in your establishment.

What To Expect When Working With Us

If you have a desire to improve the look of your bar, or need a more resilient surface to serve your drinks, get in touch with our team today. We love engaging with new contacts and during discussions, we can offer consultation on potential design ideas and what material may best suit the needs you have for your ideal bar top. 


We will bring your ideas to life and guarantee that we use the best quality materials for our work. Our team is passionate about increasing our list of clients and we know that it starts with excellent service from first contact, all the way to product installation. We believe we can provide a solution that helps take your bar to the top, with all puns intended.

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