Industrial Bar Accessories

Take your bar to the next level with our luxurious bar top accessories.

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Give your bar the decadence it deserves with accessories from Volund. Store your stemware with style with our delightful range of glass holders, wine racks, gantries, and drip trays. Display your bottles with beautiful racks and shelving which not only help your staff work more efficiently, but that also add to the elegance of the room itself. 

We’ve taken years to hone our craft to enable us to create beautiful pieces time and time again. Our work can be found everywhere from elegant domestic homes to Hollywood sets. The years of hard work and dedication have equipped us with incredible skills and experience in fabricating all types of metal. We work on projects big and small across the UK and our bar accessories can be found everywhere from high-end restaurants to stylish clubs and even elegant residential homes. 

About Volund


Our team of highly skilled designers and manufacturers have been creating opulent bar tops and accessories for decades. We work with all sorts of metals ranging from copper to steel and zinc and are well versed in every type of sheet metal fabrication. We’re equipped with the skills, knowledge and materials to bring your vision to life. 


What kind of bar accessories do we create?

Elevate your bar to the next level with some decadent bar accessories. We believe they can be both beautiful and practical, making the most out of your space whilst also increasing the aesthetic of your venue. Whether you’re looking for hanging glass holders, shelving, racks or something else, we can create it for you. 


Over Bar Racks

Over bar racks provide a classy and useful way of storing bottles and glasses and providing a glamorous focal point for the room. They are fixed to the ceiling and provide an elegant centrepiece for your bar.


Bar Top Gantries

Bartop gantries are the perfect solution when fixing to the ceiling is not an option. Otherwise known as pot shelves, they can beautifully store bottles and glasses and are fixed to the bar at their base.


Backbar Racks

Backbar racks sit on the wall behind the bar and can be made from all different sorts of metals. Like our other accessories, they are beautiful pieces in themselves and can be used to store large numbers of bottles, glasses and other alcohol paraphernalia. 


Bar Top Drip Trays

Keep your bar top clean and spill-free with bar top drip trays. They can be created from the same type of metal as the bar top or a contrasting, complementing metal. Choose from different patterns and designs to make this functional accessory a work of art too. 


Your choice of metals


Our extensive experience means we can work with all sorts of metals. The choice is yours: whatever fits with your vision for the project and the aesthetics of your venue. 



A stunning metal: pewter gives an elegant, antique look to any room. It’s one of our favourite materials to work with as it has a unique look and can be finished with exquisite detailing.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the unsung hero for many hospitality venues. Not only does it look fantastic, but it is also ultra-hygienic as it’s easy to keep clean and is a great choice for those looking for sustainable materials. 



Copper gives a delightfully antique look to bar accessories. It can be finished in a number of ways to create a unique look for your venue. 



Zinc offers a distinctive, long-lasting finish that offers so many possibilities for design. Its unusual colouring makes it a perfect choice for those looking for their bar accessories to stand out from the crowd. 


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What to expect when you work with Volund


We put you, the customer, at the heart of everything we do. We want your experience with us to be enjoyable, and in the end, you come out with a fantastic piece of metalwork that you can use and admire for years to come. 


Once you have decided you would like to work with us, you can contact us easily in a number of ways. You will be assigned a friendly, expert account manager who will be your point of contact throughout the entire process from start to finish. They will take the time to discuss with you your venue, vision, budget and other requirements in detail. They will also be able to arrange for our expert designers to visit your venue in order to measure and template the space, ensuring the end product will fit perfectly in terms of both size and aesthetics.


After this, your design will be drawn up and presented to you for approval before the manufacturing process begins. Meanwhile, your account manager will be on hand to answer any questions and keep you updated right through until the piece’s installation. 


Always high quality


Volund was formed with one aim in mind: to always deliver the best quality products to our loyal customers. The decades of experience that our team has enables us to provide incredible pieces time and time again. 


Each and every project we take on receives the same amount of care and attention. We adhere to strict industry standards and guidelines, to ensure our products are not only beautiful but are safe to use and stand the test of time. We continually invest in our team and their skills and are proud to have the specialist UKAS Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 and CHAS Accreditations. 


Start your journey with Volund


If you’re looking for exquisite bar accessories to elevate your bar at your venue, then Volund is the perfect choice for you. When you choose to work with Volund, you are making a great decision for yourself and for your space. Leave everything with us and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the process. 

Let us create stunning, timeless pieces for your venue.  Contact us today to get started on your next sheet metal project: whether you’re looking for over bar racks, gantries or something different we can make your vision come to life.